What is Private Label?


  It can be defined as producing a private label product or a service on behalf of that company with the copyright or trademark of another company. It is mostly positioned by chain markets with a large sales network as the ideal way to compete with product brands that possess a certain power and are located in the market. It is an effective method for reaching global or regional sales targets as it brings along an alternative cost solution. It brings along a strong consumption effect together with reasonable price and quality criteria in terms of meeting long-term sales targets and market needs. The main target of private label applications can be described as creation of sales trends and it is briefly defined as private label product.


Private Label in the World and in Our Country


  Private label products have a significant share of 45% across Europe, including Turkey, and especially in the retail sector in France, Belgium, Germany, England, Spain and Switzerland. This percentage is also considerably high in America, Asia and in all regions and countries of the world. The fact that private label products have such a high share in the world market, besides the advantages of product quality, product variety and reasonable prices, briefly show the effect and attractiveness of private label products. In the constantly evolving retail industry, Private Label products constitute one of every 5 products sold today, and private label products are becoming more and more attractive.


  If you want to benefit from the advantages of Private Label production related to cosmetics and dermocosmetic products, we will be happy to help you with healthy, quality and careful production processes as mch cosmetic.


  Mch Cosmetic is one of the manufacturers of Private Label, which provides service with its experienced and reliable service understanding in the production facility in Istanbul. We ship our products to all over the world (both domestic and foreign markets). While quickly meeting the private label product needs of all consumers, we also produce a wide range of cosmetic and dermocosmetic products.


  With its professional team and advanced production facility, Mch Cosmetics delivers your orders to you within the agreed time and conditions with its fast and ideal production principle and wide production capacity.


 You can get information about our production stages from the list below;


 To meet and create a concept project for the desired product.


 Development of cosmetic and dermocosmetic formulas in our R&D laboratory in line with the demands of customers.


 Production of sample products for quality tests.


 Production of sample products for quality tests.


 Presentation of the project completed at the final stage before production.


 Planning related to details about production.


 Production and Delivery

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