About Halal Cosmetic Production


  Halal cosmetics are products that are produced and packaged according to Islamic rules. Contract manufacturing can also be performed for these products. This increases the level of accessibility of halal cosmetics. Many people tend to use halal cosmetics due to their Islamic values. When cosmetic products are used, they are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.


  Under these circumstances, additives, raw materials and components that may be of unknown animal origin found inside the cosmetic products used, move underneath the skin.  It should be proven that these animal, synthetic or herbal additives in Halal cosmetic products are compatible with Islamic conditions.


  The compatibility of the place of production with halal production is as important as the components used during contract manufacturing of halal cosmetic products. For this reason, more attention should be paid to some factors in contract manufacturing of halal cosmetic products. Contract manufacturing of halal cosmetic products has to go through many stages. Products are entitled to receive a halal certificate after they successfully pass evaluations performed at these stages and are specified to comply with certain regulations.


  This certification is carried out jointly by TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and the Directorate of Religious Affairs in our country. Cosmetic products that are entitled to receive a halal certification, are called safe products by many consumers. For this reason, companies performing contract manufacturing of halal cosmetic products manufacture their products in a halal environment using halal ingredients in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions, avoiding contact with non-halal substances. Products with this certificate have a “halal certified” inscription  and a TSE stamp on their packages.


About the Content of Halal Cosmetic Products produced by Contract Manufacturing;


  Halal cosmetics must definitely contain ingredients permitted by the national legislation on cosmetic products. For this reason, what should be included in halal cosmetic products produced by contract manufacturing can be summarized as follows;

Non-human ingredients and components belonging to and derived from non-halal animals, cannot be processed, produced, stored or transported.

Genetic material belonging to non-halal species of animals (pigs etc.) cannot be included.

Genetic materials of other species that have been scientifically proven to be harmful to human health cannot be included, even though they are considered halal.

Nanomaterials that have not been proven to be harmless for human health by international experimental methods, should not be inlcuded.

Substances obtained from species who are under threat of extinction by ways that would cause to threat of extinction, cannot be included, even though they are halal.


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