With our experience in production processes, we also offer contract and private label cosmetic production services. At Mch Kozmetik production facility, we produce cosmetics and dermocosmetic products for many brands with modern technology. We carry out all the production stages carefully, especially the certification processes. With our experience and innovative approach in production of cosmetics, we are one of the most important manufacturers especially in Turkey’s market. We offer manufacturing services to brands not only in Turkey, but also abroad.


  Mch Kozmetik is one of the undisputed leading companies in Turkey with its solutions in the sector. Thanks to its technology, expert chemists, dermotologists and trained human resources, it has succeeded in providing its customers a much better service in contract manufacturing based on its more appropriate and variable cost calculation compared to its competitors in the market.


  Our company provides services for R&D and contract manufacturing of a wide range of products such as skin care products, hair care products, personal care products, skin care masks and acne-treating products,  and also provides research and development services upon your requests.


  Apart from the service requests of the brand owners, we provide various opportunities for partial service. Brand owners can get full service from our company in contract manufacturing as well as receiving one or more of the R&D, PRODUCT-GE, DESIGN, PACKAGING, PRODUCTION and CONSULTANCY services.



   We know that the way to customer satisfaction passes through our team and staff. That’s why we are at your service with our experienced, qualified and friendly R&D and production team (Chemist, Dermotologist and Pharmacist).



   During our contract cosmetic production services, we select certified active materials of the highest quality that have passed effectiveness tests, keeping in mind that they should not pose any risk for human health.


    With our institutional experience in contract cosmetic production, we know very well what we will encounter in production, what we should do, and on which standards the production should take place.

    Our priority is to create a template by combining our experience with what you want to produce in our cosmetic production facility.

Sample content production is provided by developing the assets and formula to be used in the product content by the R&D unit in line with the demands of the customer.

    In the field of contract manufacturing of cosmetics, we have a wide range of products such as personal care products, hair care products, skin care products and sunscreen creams and lotions with active ingredients.


    MCh cosmetic ‘s products succeded to gain conumers’ confidence and admiration and to increase consumer satisfaction to the highest level by meeting thousands of stores and millions of consumers throughout Turkey.


With the confidence of our customers, we bring personal care and skin care products to consumers under the brand name you want.


  In our facility, which has a  high filling capacity, contract filling in desired quantities is also made for creams, lotions, sun oils and sun creams with and without brand.


  The packaging of the products is done automatically with the packaging machines in the cosmetic filling facility. With contract packaging and filling, your products are carefully packaged and packed without being a burden for you.


  Our company is located in Pendik, Istanbul. Due to our location, we are close to the airport, TEM highway and E5 Highway, and we can deliver your orders to you at any time quickly.


  We offer you our experience and expertise in contract manufacturing of cosmetics with high quality and affordable contract manufacturing, filling, design and packaging services.


  There are many product types in our facility as cosmetic production. Examples are skin and hair care products. Apart from these, we also have many other products.


  Skin care series, Eye contour care series, Skin spot removal products, Hair care series, Personal care series, Skin care mask series, Skin Repair products series, Body care products, Baby care products, Sun care series, Foot care products

There are many product types in our facility as cosmetic production. Examples include contract creams, skin and hair care products. Apart from these, we have many other products. Contract cream production is one of the important works in this regard.

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