In this article we will try to explain the answers to the following questions: What is antibacterial gel? What are the production methods? Which antibacterial products  should we use?

What is antibacterial?

  Antibacterial product is the the product obtained as a result of the operations carried out to prevent bacterial growth. The word “antibacterial” means destructive to or inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Antibacterial products are produced and used in a wide range of fields besides cosmetics. Silver, quaternary ammonium salts and triclosan are the most important antibacterial agents.

What is Antibacterial Gel?

  Antibacterial gel is a liquid with spreadable consistency  that we can use in our skin in general, including especially our hands and face, in order to reduce the harmful effects of harmful bacteria and microbes, and to disrupt their effects.

  One of the most definitive solutions for the problem of diseases in our lives, is undoubtfully the discovery of microorganisms and the problems caused by these microorganisms. With the discovery of microorganisms, various types of struggles have been developed against them. Many drugs, syrups and creams containing antibiotics and antiseptics came after. So, antibiotics are produced, why are antibiotic products not produced?

  With the development of technology and science, production of topical agent products was initiated besides medications. Antibacterial facial gel is one of them, and it contains multiple active ingredients. The development of the antibacterial cosmetics industry dates back to ancient times. It was developed with the rationale of protecting people from diseases when the bacterial flora in the environment is excessive. The hospital environment is the most important example for this. There are so many microorganisms in hospital environments. Doctor’s gowns, nurse’s clothes, patient bedspreads, sheets, pillow covers. Masks, gloves, cotton, sutures, cloths used by doctors and other healthcare professionals. Antibacterial products are used in all products that can be used in hospitals or health institutions. Here, antibacterial gel is one of these products used for hand and face.

  There are not only bacterial problems around us. Another problem is viruses. Unfortunately, the virus that we call corona (Corona “Covid-19”) is today the most dangerous and important problem, which has become a pandemic on a global basis.

  One of the most effective methods to combat this virus is hand cleaning as announced jointly by the Ministry of Health and all official health institutions. Considering that we cannot wash our hands frequently when we are outside, however, m cleaner anti bacterial hand gel will provide us great convenience.

  This product, which does not leave a residue on the skin when applied, will make you feel as if you have washed your hands with water, and also will keep your skin moist and fresh thanks to the moisturizing ingredient it contains.

Besides these, we also produce antibacterial gel and antibacterial cologne.

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